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Their Coming For American Wealth
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Their Coming For American Wealth

By now, most Americans realize what they have earned, built and own, no longer belongs to them. It will be taken unlawfully in the blink of any eye. Much like Washington, powers now want more of your income and wealth.

On October 9, 2013, from its perch in Washington D.C., the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a report outlining its recommendations for immediate global wealth confiscation—specifically American wealth—and new capital controls and exit regulations.

The report titled “Taxing Times,” calls for the confiscation of household assets by a “capital levy” on citizens with a “positive net wealth” to reduce advanced economies debt to GDP ratios and stabilize global bond markets.

In other words, the IMF, recommend increasing taxes and instituting new capital controls and exit regulations for seizing Americans investment equity, IRA’s and 401K’s to pay down outstanding debt to pre-crisis 2007 levels. According to the IMF, this move will restore global debt sustainability.

The International Monetary Fund report reveals global concerns for the potential destruction of world financial markets.  They also recommend “enhanced international cooperation to make it harder for the very well-off to evade taxation [capital levies] by placing funds elsewhere.”

The IMF is selling their plan as a tax on the well-off, not the middle class. Sound familiar?

Global forces are moving to destroy fundamental rights in the United States. Our government is entertaining these proposals. After all, they ran out of money 17 trillion dollars ago and printing more will only make it worth less.

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