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Silver Price A History of Manipulation
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Silver Price A History of Manipulation

Silver price history is a long story of manipulation. Yet, the irony is that it is cheap! One thing to keep in mind is that Silver is an important strategic commodity as well as a form of money.

Major Events in Silver Price History

The major events impacting silver price history have been:

1. The U.S. decision to remove silver from silver coins and sell the remaining stockpile into the industrial sector

2. The Hunt Brothers’ failed attempt to corner the market in the early 1980?s

3. The last thirty years of growing short concentration

4. The recent inflationary era (current)

The current trend is in the beginning stages.

After some time, you learn how to deal with the day to day volatility in silver prices. It is an emotional battle that long-term investors understand boils down to value – and no matter the price swings up or down, silver will never entirely lose value, go bankrupt, or be nationalized.

If you look at how history has dealt with fiat currencies it is easy to see that the dollar will continue to weaken.

In the mildest of scenarios, a gradual dollar decline will place additional and slow upward pressure on the price of silver. Extreme dollar debasement, which seems more and more likely given the macroeconomic conditions in the U.S., would flood the silver market with safe-haven buyers—more people like those of us who tend to hoard silver.

But again, what history has not seen is the gradual and potentially explosive surge that will happen as industrial supply and investment demand converge. When this will happen is very difficult to predict, but it is not unreasonable to assume that this convergence will take place soon.

There is irony in the fact that the continual bailing out (nationalization) of the economy through money creation—which puts downward pressure on the dollar, causing inflation—will continue to fuel an industrial depletion or shortage that may have been averted if “normal” cyclical patterns were allowed to play out.

Now this makes the case for any amount of silver as investment.

Historical Silver Price 1971 -2013

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