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Silver Explodes to The Upside!
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Silver Explodes to The Upside!

The gold & silver rally continues as both metals are climbing again as Asia opens, with silver bursting above $22.50, and gold up over $30 off yesterday’s lows and closing in on $1370.

As it becomes increasingly obvious that the metals have bottomed at $1179 and $18, big money that has been sitting on the sidelines throughout the summer entering the market en-mass could easily ignite a short covering rally of epic proportions.

Silver explodes to the upside reaching a high of $23.32.   We expect $23.44 to be tested before the end of the week.  Look for the cartel to put up a major fight at $23.44 as a move through  could quickly result in a gap-up towards more significant resistance near $24.50-$25.


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