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A Strong Future Through Silver Investment
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Silver Rounds

A Strong Future Through Silver Investment

Silver rounds are silver discs that have been privately minted. The design comes in various styles. Some are historical figures or commemorative in design.

Silver made a huge rise above gold in the market between January 4, 2010 and June 30, 2011. Gold had increased its value by 34 percent, while silver went up more than 100 percent, creating an unsurpassed marketable value through silver investing. Silver rounds come in many styles, such as the Mercury Dime silver round. The design follows the true markings of the mercury dime, one of the most highly recognized coins in US history.

Pure silver investments are made through the purchase of .999 fine silver coins or rounds. The rounds are one of the safest ways to make an investment in the silver market. Silver produced in rounds or coins are known as the most liquid and least expensive way to keep your silver at hand and in case the need arises, a good form of trade or barter material.

Rounds carry the lowest premiums compared to spot silver coins such as the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, the Chinese Silver Panda and the American Silver Eagle. Throughout history, the silver prevails over any other precious metal as a medium of exchange. Modern design in the 1 troy ounce weight rounds produce commemorative coins such as the American Buffalo. The term of “rounds” is used due to the term coins referring to only government issued legal tender.

In 1997, the Taxpayer Relief Act included the precious metal items to be eligible for inclusion in the IRA, creating a wealthier, more stable portfolio through silver investing for the holder. Throughout the world, there is a history of using silver. In fourteen different languages, the words for “money” and “silver” are the same. People have used silver for exchange over gold. The gold used in coins were halted in production, however silver continues to be a strong elemental value in the trade market. Silver rounds are one way to invest in a sturdy, sound financial future.