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Max Keiser | Stacy Herbert : The Great GOLD Migration
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Max Keiser | Stacy Herbert : The Great GOLD Migration

Excellent interview with Max Keiser | Stacy Herbert on : The Great GOLD Migration


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The FIAT Flash Point

The FIAT Flash Point There is a serious rumbling underfoot of an impending financial disaster, yet no one really seems to be taking notice. No matter how many times and ways elected officials try to claim the economy is healthy, anyone can tell by quick observation that it’s all lies. Official unemployment figures always seem to hover around 9 or 10%, but this fails to account for the individuals that have run out of unemployment benefit without getting hired. They live a life in limbo. It also fails to account for those that have jobs, but are working far less than full-time. The economy built on borrow-now and pay-later philosophy is due for a hard fall soon. We are quickly reaching flash point with the FIAT currency.

What is FIAT Currency?

FIAT currency is money that is issued by order of public officials with a paper guarantee of worth rather than the traditional method of backing by precious metals. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just print up money whenever we run out and want some? Well, that’s exactly what the government does. It doesn’t really matter to the powers-that-be whether the paper money is actually worth anything. The debt ceiling gets raised whenever it gets reached and has lead to unprecedented economic debt and overspending. Once this earthquake gets set in motion, you’ll have to depend on yourself to survive. The government isn’t going to care whether you sink or swim. It’s time to wake up and see the reality of the grim situation.

Fall of the New Roman Empire

One of the most powerful economic forces on Earth was the Roman Empire. There is some debate on exact dates, but the standard acceptable date for the fall of the Romans was in the year 486 A.D. They maintained a strong economy and fierce military. They used their money and might to conquer more and more land. Thievery, enslavement and pillaging was the order of the day. Their big mistake was taking the currency off the precious metal grid. It made the money valueless and down the Empire came. It happened over a few years time, but was unstoppable.

You can easily view the current economy and government activities the same way. Phone conversations being logged, internet activities monitored, pilfering of programs like Social Security to pay for other projects and endeavors. Nothing is sacred when it comes to the greed and power hunger of elected officials. Our senses have become deadened to the point that many people don’t even bother to vote anymore.

The New Deal Gone Wrong

How did the stage get set for such an impending crisis? Our 32nd president, Franklin Roosevelt, took office during the height of the Great Depression. He was facing the daunting task of employing over 13 million unemployed Americans. He created a system of measures that was tagged and nicknamed the New Deal. It ultimately increased taxes and began our system of the government operating in the red. He did many great things, but elected officials have since taken this method and ran with it. Debt became the rule, rather than the exception. This wave of debt is much like a tsunami threatening to crash into our society and drown us all.

Tsunami Warning

There have been economic rumbles felt in the country for decades. The earthquakes began when the housing bubble burst, the banks failed and bail-outs galore happened. Now what happened with you and me when we couldn’t pay our bills? We lost stuff and services. The government provided no bail-outs for you and me.

Heed the ongoing warnings and seek higher ground. Once the economic tsunami hits it will drown all in the path. The elected officials have enough lifeboats for themselves, but the average tax paying citizen is expendable. It’s time to take action and protect yourself now.

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