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After Cyprus, the Banksters Are Coming for Your Bank Account
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Archive for March, 2013

After Cyprus, the Banksters Are Coming for Your Bank Account

On March 16th, President Nicos Anastasiades of Cyprus announced a “one-time” tax on all savings accounts in the nation. The proposed tax rate was 9.9% on all accounts worth over €100,00 and 6.7% on all other accounts. Predictably, public outrage ensued, leading to runs on banks and ATMs, and the shutdown of all banks until at least next week.

This is after President Anastasiades explicitly promised the people of Cyprus that their bank accounts were safe. It is a measure that has been described by Forbes’ Eamonn Fingleton as “the most inexplicably irresponsible decision in banking supervision in the history of the advanced world since the 1930s.” Saxon Bank CEO Lars Seier Christensen describes the proposal as a “shocking… breach of fundamental property rights dictated to a small country by foreign powers…” Christensen reasoned that, “if you can do this once, you can do it again. If you can confiscate 10 percent of a bank customer’s money, you can confiscate 25, 50 or even 100 percent.”

Fortunately for the people of Cyprus, their parliament rejected the proposal, likening it to “[taking] a 10,000 metre jump without a parachute.” However, Cyprus’ IMF bailout is in shambles, and the fate of the nation’s economy remains to be seen. The Cyprotic government is hoping for a bailout from Russia, since many Russians have business interests on the island, but so far the Kremlin has expressed no interest in such a bailout.

So what is to become of Cyprus? The tax was proposed as an ultimatum – either Cyprus could accept and have their bailout, or they would be removed from the EU. President Anastasiades claimed that without the bailout, the nation’s two major banks would fail, leading to rampant asset liquidation that would culminate in the bankruptcy of many if not all Cyprus’ businesses.

The banksters know this. They are very aware that either Cyprus can accept the deal or face total economic collapse. If the Cypriot government reneges, the banksters get to rob the populace and has free reign to impose similar measures elsewhere. If the government keeps its decision and the economy crumbles, Cyprus will be held up as an example to any other European country offered such a deal. It is even quite possible it could happen in America, where the national deficit, wealth gap and inter-class resentment continue to worsen, billed as a tax on the “rich.” Of course, if the proposed estate tax on assets worth over $250,000 is any indicator, it will hardly be just the rich who are targeted.

How would you feel if one day the banksters forced you – at gunpoint – to give up 6-10% of your life savings? It could easily happen very soon once Cyprus’ economy tanks. This possibility further erodes the already waning trust in the baking system, as people around the world, and in Europe especially, will begin liquidating bank assets if they have not already done so.

Once enough people withdraw their money, the banksters may attempt to stem the tide by imposing more bank shutdowns. When that isn’t enough, governments around the world may impose a total ban on cash-money. If this sounds far-fetched, consider that in 1933, when the harsh economic climate caused people to hoard gold, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed executive order 6102, criminalizing private gold ownership. Furthermore, consider that European countries such as Spain and Italy already have bans in place on cash transactions over €2500 and €1000, respectively. Even in the United States, second-hand cash transactions are banned in the state of Louisiana. There are also countries such as Sweden where up to 97% of all business transactions take place electronically.

The banksters are coming after our money, and they won’t stop just because one small, Mediterranean island tried to resist. At this point, the IMF has thrown its hands up, offering Cyprus a €10 billion bailout if the Cypriot government can come up with €7 billion on its own. The government is mulling the imposition of capital controls once banks reopen, in order to prevent more bank runs from occurring, hinting at the possibility that the government may still implement the tax. Either way, the wheels are already in motion, and unless Russia steps in at the last minute there will be no going back.

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Reasons Why Silver Is The Better Option For Investment

Reasons Why Silver Is The Better Option For Investment

Gold and silver are just some of the few precious metals with real intrinsic value and with the difficulty associated with extracting it out of the ground, its scarcity makes it more expensive but still a worthwhile investment. For the past few years, we have seen gold and silver in tremendous upward spikes because of China and India selling their bonds and US Dollars, and exchanging it for the said metals. So if you want to earn by investing your money, consider entering the commodities market and buy and sell silver to earn unimaginable profits.

A misconception that should be corrected

One of the most common misconceptions today is that the best metal to invest on is gold. But the hard truth is, silver is one of the best investments that you could make nowadays because of its industrial value and its everyday use in monetary transactions.

Silver has always been used in different industries and wasn’t always been considered as a precious metal. Industrial metals like copper and steel are used in huge amounts and are usually recycled, while silver is used industrially in minute quantities and rarely recycled. And while we’re advancing in research and technology, there will be more uses for silver and this will lead to higher appreciation and value for the metal. Although recycling silver would be worthless and a waste of time today, there will come a time when the metal will be appreciated in the market for its real worth and its prices will reach a point where recycling silver will be worthwhile.

Where silver is usually used

Silver is used in thousands of applications, mostly as industrial metal. The metal possesses unique and useful properties, making it a priceless value to different industries. The price is usually inelastic, meaning it won’t change much regardless of the change in the supply and demand. Unlike other commodities that have other substitutes or alternatives, silver is irreplaceable in most of its applications.

This fact would only mean that big industrial companies will buy silver as it becomes more difficult to acquire, so they could save on cost should the time come when the metal reaches higher prices. When this happens, major industry players will control the silver price in the free market.

Whether it’s the medical industry where silver is used because of its antibacterial properties or by semiconductor companies where the metal is used for its conducting properties, it won’t be a surprise when the time comes where silver becomes expensive because of its high demand. Before this would happen, take advantage of the fact that silver can be easily acquired today and invest on it for the future.

Increasing demand

There is an increasing demand for the actual metal in the past few years and whether we like it or not, the demand for silver will inevitably continue to increase.

Let us take China for example. They used to export more than 100 million ounces of silver every year but the demand has significantly shifted when they started importing. When the time comes when major buyers involve themselves in the market, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we see a surge in silver’s prices.

If you’re still debating whether or not to invest in silver, you should keep in mind that waiting for the ‘right’ time would only lead you to higher prices and loss in investment. If you do have the money now, one of the best things that you could do with it is invest and earn profits while the market is still in good conditions so that in no time, you’ll be living your dreams of becoming a  millionaire.


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