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Silver Coins: Preserve Your Wealth
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Silver Coins: Preserve Your Wealth

In today’s uncertain economy, many people are looking for safe investments that can earn steady returns. Silver coins represent one of the surest bets you can make in the investment world today. Why exactly would you want to invest in silver coins?

Hedge Against Inflation

One of the main reasons that you should consider investing in silver coins is so that you can create a hedge against inflation. If you have paid any attention recently, you may have noticed that the prices of almost everything have increased. When you put money into a tangible asset like silver, you can get something that will continue to go up in value as the value of the dollar decreases. As the Federal Reserve keeps adding money into circulation, this will only boost the value of your silver over the long-term.

Still Affordable

Another great reason to invest and silver coins is because it is still affordable. If you are interested in precious metals, you might notice that the prices of gold are up to almost $2,000 per ounce. For the average person, this makes it difficult to invest in very much gold bullion. With silver, you can still get in at a good price point that is affordable to almost everyone.

Medium of Exchange

When you own real silver coins, you have something in your possession that you can trade if necessary. With the way things are going, no one really knows what will happen with the financial system in the future. If it were to crash, you would have something that you can barter with. If nothing bad happens, you’ll still have silver that is growing in value all the time. Buying silver coins is an investment that makes sense for almost everyone.

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Silver Bullion: The Golden Ratio

As the economy of the world continues in constant flux, investors are finding that there are less and less places of safety to put money for income stability, not to mention growth. However, there has always been one market that tends to perform well in any recession, and even the Great Recession was no different.

The market of precious metals continued to perform well as a hedge against speculative investments in the Great Recession. Gold outperformed itself historically, as it continued to rise in price even as the dollar regained some of its strength, which historically equates to a lower gold price. Because of this, many investors thought that the train left the station when the price of gold more or less evened out around April of 2012.

These investors forgot one very important truth about the precious metals market: When the price of gold stagnates, it is because silver bullion is next in line. The ratio of the silver bullion to gold price, which historically remains within a certain range, had fallen drastically because of the record breaking consistency of the rise in the price of gold. What this means is that the price of silver bullion must eventually come up as well to even out the ratio.

Investors that waited for this historical ratio to correct itself were not disappointed. As a matter of fact, part of the reason that the price of gold stagnated was because many institutional investors had switched their portfolios to weight more heavily in silver bullion.

As go the institutional investors, so should go the retail investor. Silver bullion continues to be a smart bet for the savvy investor looking for short to mid term gains that will translate well into secure long term holdings or a short term profit. The volatility of the world market seems assuredly to continue with the rise of the Eastern economic bloc.

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Silver Bars: Inventories Dwindling

Buying silver bars is a good way to invest part of one’s wealth in a commodity that is both portable and has intrinsic value.

History shows that silver has been used as a monetary metal for centuries. The ancient Romans used silver coins to pay for their daily bread. Silver was a primary metal in American coins up until 1964.

Today, however, silver is mostly used for industrial processes. That doesn’t lessen its value, though. Silver is malleable and yet strong, making it an ideal metal for electrical conductivity. As such, silver is a perfect metal for manufacturing various items, from computer chips to jet aircraft.

One reason for investors to consider buying silver bars is its scarcity.

Approximately 12 billion ounces of silver existed in the world when the 20th century began. Much of that silver was used for industrial manufacturing. The total amount in existence today is about 300 million ounces of refined silver. The scarcity of silver makes purchasing silver bars a good investment today.

Add that scarcity together with the political instability in the world, and one can see the wisdom of holding physical silver as an investment. The silver bar is the perfect medium for storing precious silver.

A portable silver bar is offered in the 100 ounce size for trade and personal storage. It has a .999 percent purity and is made by trusted suppliers, including Engelhard and the Royal Canadian Mint. This size is ideal for investors who can store the bars in a vault or other secure storage facility. Larger silver bar sizes are available.

World demand now exceeds silver supply, making now an ideal time to purchase these bars. Stockpiles are diminishing daily. Our store at can deliver silver bars to customers today. Order your silver bars now before inventories are exhausted.

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