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Silver To Steal The Show This Year!

LONDON (Commodity Online): Even as the world is going ga-ga over the gold and its soaring prices, the yellow metal’s cousin – silver – is all set to hog the limelight this year.

Now, silver production worldwide can’t keep up with world demand, and the need for silver is growing daily. This is all set to cause a huge price gain for silver in the coming days. Reasons for this are many.

Unlike gold, silver is consumable in most industrial uses. In 1942, the US government had over 3 billion ounces of silver, but they ran completely out several years ago and over 90% of all the silver mined in the past 5,000 years has been used up, and is gone forever.

There is more than five times as much gold in the known world supply compared to the world supply of silver. Current world silver demand is around 900 million ounces per year, but the average worldwide production of silver is only 480 million ounces. In other words, we are only producing just over half the silver we use every year.

Gold has been going through roof, but silver has yet to follow. The Gold/Silver Price Ratio (currently 51:1) has skewed way out of the historical norm (20:1). World demand is growing, but the US Geological Survey says there is only about 14 to 25 years worth of silver left in the ground.

Compared to gold, silver is still relatively cheap even though it’s already risen nearly 100% this year alone.

Meanwhile, silver coin sales are set to climb as investors seek to protect their wealth from weakening currencies.

Morning Silver Market Report for 11/8/2010

Compiled 11/08/10 6:00 AM (CT)Statistics: London Gold Fix $1390.00 +$5.75 LME Copper Stocks 365,175 tons -1,150 tonsSILVER MARKET FUNDAMENTALS: (6:00 AM CT) The December silver contract initially managed a fresh new high for the move this morning, before falling back...

Investment in Silver Soars in 2010

WASHINGTON,  (BUSINESS WIRE) — Silver investment continues to grow rapidly in 2010, with global holdings at their highest recorded levels, and U.S. silver bullion coin demand set to outpace last year’s record sales.

Silver bullion coin demand is particularly buoyant in 2010. Sales of the U.S. Mint’s one-ounce Silver American Eagle Bullion coin already exceed 28 million coins this year, and given current demand should top last year’s record of 28.7 million coins. Similarly, the Royal Canadian Mint is reporting that 2010 sales of its popular Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin are 30 percent higher than 2009 figures to date.

Michael DiRienzo, Executive Director of the Silver Institute, stated, “Today, the silver price is approaching $25.00 per ounce and through 2010, the silver price has risen an impressive 47 percent to levels not seen in 30 years. While this is primarily due to solid investment demand, there is evidence that industrial demand for silver is also on the rise, and that too bodes very well for silver in the long-run,” he added.

Source: The Silver Institute is a nonprofit international industry association headquartered in Washington, D.C. Established in 1971, the Institute serves as the industry’s voice in increasing public understanding of the value and many uses of silver.