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Please watch this 3 min. video as it gives a very insightful view point for the truly Precious Metal SILVER.

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Once you have viewed this video you can see way physical silver in your hand is true wealth building. I can not urge you enough – DO NOT  invest in paper silver such as  ETFs  Trading ( Symbol:  SLV). There will come a time it will be disclosed they DO NOT have the silver they claim.

The only true purchase of Silver is physical and is here to assist with any purchase size (from 1 oz to 1000’s of ounces).

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$320 Silver Is Going to Outperform $5,000 Gold

ArabianMoney editor and publisher Peter Cooper is also the author of the book ‘Dubai Sabbatical: The Road to $5,000 Gold’ still selling on But the latest edition of the ArabianMoney investment newsletter hazards a prediction that if gold hits $5,000 an ounce then silver will be $320 or even $400 an ounce.

The newsletter points out that the centuries old average ratio of the silver to the gold price is 15. Today it is four times higher at 60. That leaves a lot of room for silver to outperform gold as precious metal prices really lift-off, and to close that gap as silver becomes treated like a currency again as it was in the past.

Catching up with gold

Silver also has to more than double in price just to equal its all-time high set 30 years ago. And that comes on top of silver keeping up with a rising gold price.

So if the price of gold quadruples to $5,000 as ArabianMoney expects within two to three years then silver has the potential to rise 16 times just to regain its historic relationship to the gold price or to $320 an ounce. If it overshoots the average, as markets almost always do then a 20-fold increase in the silver price to an all-time high of $400 is on the cards.

From what ArabianMoney understands the banks were quietly adjusting their silver future positions in August. That helps to explain why silver did not fall in August with stocks under pressure.

Precious again

It should have been selling off as an industrial commodity used in electronics among many other manufacturing processes. But it did not. Silver is acting again as a precious metal and currency.

Silver investment expert David Morgan says that gold will preserve the value your money in inflationary times while silver is the precious metal that will actually make you rich.

Written By: ArabianMoney editor and publisher Peter Cooper

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Max Keiser-Global Banking Cartel

The always informative and entertaining commentator Max Keiser hits it dead on in this excellent interview with David Degraw. The entire 25 min. interview is broken down in 3 parts, if you don’t want to watch the entire interview then at least watch Part 3. ENJOY!

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Inflation Adjusted Silver Should Price At $138 (Conservatively)

The following 3 1/2 min. video will show you why now has never been a better time to purchase precious metals and in particular Silver!